About Club Membership

Feel free to come by the meetings and enjoy what the club has to offer! We encourage those that come by our club to obtain a Club Membership that will give you a number of perks (listed below), as well as help out the club continue with activities, and are available for the whole year for $25. Please note that membership is not required to attend our club, but you’ll be missing out on some great perks!


Free Club T-Shirt
Members will receive a club T-shirt at no extra charge! Shirts are designed and chosen by club members during the Fall quarter.

Discount on Club Merchandise
Members receive a discount on future merchandise we may offer to the club, such as Club Shirts or Jackets.

Club Prizes
Access to weekly attendance quizzes to be entered for a chance to win one of many anime-themed prizes!

Priority on Event Participation
Members get chosen first on our weekly games or events, such as Anime Trivia!

Birthday Package
All members receive a small gift during the club meeting closes to their birthday. 🙂 😀

AX Rebates
Members who have purchased tickets to Anime Expo will receive some cash back at the end of the year! Cash amounts to be determined based on the number of rebates being given.

Retail Sponsorship Discounts
Receive a nice discount from our sponsors on Merchandise or Memberships!

Membership Application

Link to our membership application
Online App Here (Sign-able PDF in the works)




The school will be using the club roster on myBAR to base what rooms will be available for clubs.

Use the instructions in this Power Point to add us on myBar.